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Business training and consultancy center

       A unique project, entitled “Business, education and consulting centre” was initiated by the “Devout Generation" foundation on March 6th, 2013, with the support of the Armenia Round Table Foundation.
      The aim of the project is to change the values of young entrepreneurs, to base them on Christian principles and ethics, to help them build Christian, devout, virtuous and collaborative relations in their business environment. The project will contribute to more productive and closer ties between businessmen and the clergy of different regions, thus providing more social services in religious communities.


       At present seminars and trainings are organized for the young people who are interested in entrepreneurship and have just started their business. The programme aims at showing them the importance and effectiveness of the business relations based on Christian ethics. We host entrepreneurs from organizations like USAID/EDMC, PSI company, MASTER PLUS international training center, etc at our seminars and trainings.
        The seminars create a “bridge” between young people and businessmen from different organizations which promotes establishing links and communication between job seekers and employers.
Within the frames of this project collection and analysis of business ethics materials based on Christian values, publication of articles there were carried out. On the basis of these materials a brochure was designed and it is going to be published soon.

      We hope this project will make the business environment of our country healthier and will increase the trust factor in business relations.

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